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Features & Benefits

The platform that offers you the voice of over 1 million students and professionals around the world.

Customizable data

You will have all of our regular data views built by Universum experts. You will also be able to tailor cuts and visuals based on what you want to see or show internally and against unlimited competitors.

All your data in one place

Access is your go-to Employer Branding platform. Dig into your talent data, filter on specific target groups, download insight reports, and more directly through the platform

Insights that matter

Access helps you find talent that share your values and objectives. On top of that, we will tell you where to find them, so you know where to focus your Employer Branding efforts.

All your key data in one view

With Brandkey you get  an overview of key insights and action recommendations that will help you improve the attraction of your Employer Brand.

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