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World class Database

One of the biggest talent databases in the world, Access will be your portal for everything Universum. Dig into your talent data, social, download insight reports, and watch webinars directly through the portal.​

Customizable Data

You will have all of our default recommended content built by Universum experts. But, you will also be able to tailor cuts and visuals based on what you want to see or show internally and against unlimited competitors.

All your data in one place

Access is your go-to Employer Branding platform. Dig into your talent data, download insight reports, and watch webinars directly through the platform.  

Insights that matter

Access helps you find talent that share your values and objectives. On top of that, we will tell you where to find them, so you know where to focus your Employer Branding efforts. 

Here is why Talent Acquisition

professionals love Access


The platform offers you the voice of over 1 million talent around the world that every year share their input on what’s important when selecting a preferred employer.

Want to know more?

Reach out to us and one of our experts will be in touch with you!

We collect data from over 40 markets, on numerous platforms and through university partners with our CareerTest

Our Employer Branding experts at Universum analyze the data and break it down for you

In the Access tool you can easily get our fresh data and use the insights to improve your Employer Branding strategy

How it's done:

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